Quality Policy

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Quality Policy

Celsur Plastics – Quality Policy

It is the policy of Celsur Plastics Limited to provide a service of real quality for all our customers.

The company will devise, manufacture and distribute high frequency welded vinyl products and bespoke items and their contents.

The design of the products will be in response to customer instructions and based on well-established techniques.

Celsur Plastics Limited is committed to:

  • Producing a quality product which satisfies, and if possible exceeds, customers’ expectations;
  • Providing employees with all relevant information and appropriate training in relation to quality;
  • Complying with all relevant statuary requirements;
  • Maintaining a management system that meets the requirements of and facilitates the production of quality products;
  • Setting measurable quality objectives; and
  • Striving continually to improve performance in relation to quality.

The company regards quality as the responsibility of all persons working in the company, and expects all employees to act at all times to maintain safe working conditions and to report all nonconformities promptly.

Please see attached PDF copy of our Quality Policy.