REACH Statement

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REACH Statement

Celsur PlasticsREACH Statement

Updated 19th March 2019

R E A C H: Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation (and restriction) of Chemicals.

As of July 2007 the European Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 entered into force.

Celsur Plastics manufactures stationery and presentation products in the form of ring binders and plastic pockets.

Our core materials are PVC & Polypropylene, grey board and metal fittings all of which are bought in as finished materials. Our main print process is screen printing.

Celsur Plastics Ltd., does not import, manufacture or chemically transform any substances or preparations. 

We have received statements from our key suppliers confirming that they have taken the necessary steps to manage the regulations within their Company. We are not aware of any potential interruptions with supply of the materials.

Our suppliers Draka & Renolit have confirmed that the PVC products we buy from them do not contain substances named on the candidate list which contains 197 substances at 27.06.2018.

We provide this product information on the basis of our current knowledge and experience without warranty or responsibility for factors outside our control or knowledge.

Nick Gislingham (contact for REACH)
Tel: 01784 457175