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The process of sealing printed paper inserts onto the outer and/or inner covers of ring binders under a sheet of clear PVC is one form of encapsulation offered by Celsur in their encapsulation services UK facility.

This allows customers to create 4 colour process printed designs which can be printed using either digital or litho print onto paper, this process can be more financially viable than printing direct onto the substrate itself. Normally printed onto a 135-170gsm paper, the inserts are trimmed to specific sizes dependant on the size of the electrode to be used and positioned onto flat sheet PVC using a positioning template before a layer of clear PVC is welded over the inserts sealing them into position, thus creating a stunning visual image that is not only durable but is suitable for cleaning (non abrasive/non solvent based) without the fear of damaging the print.

The printed inserts can be supplied to us free issue by the customer but we normally request these are supplied to us trimmed to size, these sizes will be confirmed to you at time of your order, Celsur can also supply the inserts from your print ready artwork supplied and of course all print trimming will be handled by us.

Useful for security purposes where tampering of the insert is avoided, encapsulating your printed design will enable a longer shelf life for your important document.

Encapsulation can also be created using not only clear PVC but a range of translucent frosted effect PVC’s as well as colour tinted PVC’s, there are even materials available that are anti scuff for use where heavy duty applications are required such as mouse mats, desk mats etc.

Our encapsulation services UK are also suitable to input printed header cards into point of sale wallets, for sealing important information posters from the elements when used outdoors and even advertising your company when encapsulated to the front of a counter mat. There are many variations of products available for which encapsulation services can increase the visual impact of your designs and products.