Hole Punching

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Hole Punching

Celsur’s hole punching services allows our customer to have their PVC pockets supplied punched to suit whatever ring mechanism they chose for their binders.

We can also hole punch to allow insertion of finger rings for lever arch binders, as well as hole punching services for the application of metal eyelets to reinforce the hole on your product, making them more durable for heavy duty applications.

Our hole punching services can punch single, 2 hole, 4 hole and 6 hole spacings for most common mechanisms, we can also hole punch our report covers for wiro binding as well.

Standard hole punching uses 6mm diameter punches but we have facilities for 3mm, 8mm and 10mm holes.

Our automatic machines have in-line punching for those larger volume production runs, the manual treadle punches are used for the smaller quantities.

The most common standard for the dimensions and location of filing holes punched in paper is two holes with a diameter of 6mm. The centres of these holes are 80mm apart and have a distance of 6mm to the nearest edge of the paper. The holes are located symmetrically in relation to the axis of the sheet or document.

Any paper format that is at least 100 mm high (e.g. A7 and larger) can be filed using this system.

A four-hole version is also commonly used. The two middle holes are punched in accordance with the above and the two additional holes are located 80 mm above and below these. The use of two additional holes provides more stability. This extension is sometimes referred to as the “888” system, because of the three 8-cm gaps between the holes. Some 2-hole punches have an “888” marking on their paper guide, to assist punching all four holes.

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