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Since 1987 Celsur Plastics have had their own print studio in Staines. Set up to service the established screen print department, it produced high quality film positives using the Agfa Repromaster, drawing board, spray mount and Letraset.

Now 30 years on, the print studio in staines uses the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, outputs film to the Canon iPF670 printer and services not only screen process, but also our in-house digital printer the Canon Arizona 550GT.

The print studio also manages the out sourcing of litho printing, foil blocking services, promotional graphics for the website and advertising, and offers advice to our customers on all aspects of printing for the stationery business.

  • 1987 – Drawing board, rotary pens, PMT camera and lots of spray mount. PDF proofing was a marvel of an age to come. We used a photocopier and Royal Mail. The work was crafted, using clear Agfa film and opaque masking paint. Work arrived on Art boards with film overlays. Type setting was either sent out to a type setter, and supplied on bromide paper to be stuck to a board, or we used the letter transfer system Letraset.
  • 1996 – Introduction of our first Mac computer with Quark Xpress and our first Adobe Suite. Our beloved Powermac 7500/100 came with 32MB Ram and had sustained periods of continuous use before crashing, up to an hour on our good Mac days. We still used our darkroom and Agfa camera to make film. Floppy discs and zip discs were the preferred method of media storage.
  • 1998 – Introduction of Email and ISDN. ISDN was a BT file transfer line. Similar to a dedicated telephone line for large files.
  • 2002 – Printing through a Laser printer and chemically enhancing the toner.
  • 2006 – Our first inkjet printer for film, an Epson 4800 allowed printing onto clear film without chemicals or distortion of media. We stopped using Quark Xpress due to prohibitive costs and the arrival of In Design as a viable alternative followed by the introduction of PDF proofing.
  • 2010 – Arrival of our flatbed Arizona GT 550 Canon Printer. We were now printing full colour onto our plastic range.
  • 2013 – Started using the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • 2016 – Sold the old Epson and replaced the studio film maker with the wonderful iPF670 Canon.