Bespoke Materials

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Bespoke Materials

The office supply materials that we can use to help create the bespoke product you require include:

  • PVC
  • Polypropylene
  • Paper Over Board
  • PU (Polyurethane)
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Acrylic

With these materials we can offer a range of print options to create the image you wish to portray. These are explained in depth in our Bespoke Manufacturing & Print Services section.

We have a stock range of 35 colours of PVC held here in our Staines factory. There are other colours available from Europe. This extended colour range of office supply materials is available to us on a 2-3 day lead time. If you require a PVC that gives a more upmarket look to your binders, there is a selection of different textures and grains for you to choose from.

The most popular choice of Polypropylene is the Frosted Natural. There is a very small colour range available, however our stock colours are only Frosted and White. These also come in a range of microns which are generally 500 Micron, 800 Micron and 1200 Micron.

Paper over Board is generally manufactured utilising customer supplied print, however we are able to offer a range of liner materials. These can be:

  • Coloured Paper
  • Printed Paper
  • Coated Paper

We hold a range of 12 stock colours of PU but a far greater range is available from our European office supply material partners. For special bespoke orders there are a range of textures also available.

Leather products is the ultimate quality of office supply materials There are 3 grades of leather, which are:

  • Bonded Leather
  • Real Hide Leather
  • Reconstituted Leather

Colour range is extremely limited but it is possible to get skins dyed to your requirements subject to minimum order quantities.

Metal office supplies are normally used in the context of staplers and hole punches etc, unfortunately this is not what we can supply for you. The metal products we can produce relate to metal faced polypropylene products. This is a polypropylene base material coated with a thin aluminium film to both sides. Laser cutting and engraving can also be employed to great effect and enhancing your design.

Acrylic can offer a far more comprehensive range of products from leaflet holders, whether by free standing on a desk or by wall mounting, door hangers, menu stands, coasters to three dimensional boxes.  We can also use acrylic as covers for ring binders riveted to a flexible spine made from polypropylene or vinyl. Acrylic can be cut to size, heat bent, laser cut, glued and even drilled and screwed together. Laser cutting and etching can also be employed to great effect and enhancing your design.