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Metal office supplies are normally used in the context of staplers and hole punches etc, unfortunately this is not what we can supply for you.

Our metal office supplies relate to metal faced polypropylene products. This is a polypropylene base material coated with a thin aluminium film to both sides. The outer profile shape is cut and then the creases are routed to bare the polypropylene, this allows the profile shape to be bent and folded to the finished design. We can then form ring binders, folders, wallets and slipcase.

Print options can be:

  • Foil blocking for a metallic gold or silver colour.
  • Screen print with a spot colour or multiple colours.
  • Litho print for a full colour photographic image, suitable for large quantities.
  • Digital print for a full colour image but remaining cost effective for small quantities.

Laser cutting and engraving can also be employed to great effect and enhancing your design.