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PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride; a synthetic thermoplastic material made by polymerizing vinyl chloride. The properties depend on the added plasticiser. The flexible forms are used in hosepipes, insulation, shoes, garments, etc. Rigid PVC is used for moulded articles. Celsur Plastics use both a flexible grade and a rigid grade PVC for our PVC office supplies.

PVC office supplies manufactured from a flexible stationery grade PVC is used in a range of colours and surface grain effects for the manufacture of ring binders and wallets. Our grade of PVC is predominately available in 300 micron thickness and we weld this over a card stiffener to create a ring binder. This substrate allows for easy personalisation such as business card pockets, full page pockets, foil blocking, screen print, litho print and digital printing.

We also use clear PVC for the manufacture of filing pockets and packaging products. Clear PVC is available in an un-embossed, glass clear surface as well as an orange peel grained surface. The available thicknesses range from 90 micron through to 100, 120, 140, 180, 200, 240 or 300 micron thickness.

The rigid grade PVC is used for tabbed divider sets, self adhesive pockets and report covers.

We hold stock of clear rigid films in 140 micron, 240 micron and 380 micron thicknesses.