Book Jackets

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Book Jackets

Bespoke book jackets, as the name suggests, it is a bespoke protective cover over your books.

Bespoke book jackets are more normally applied to paperback books to protect them from frequent use. They are particularly useful for school books or for libraries.

If you looking for bespoke book jackets then we ask if you can please send us your book for us to select the best size to suit your requirements.

Book jackets can be manufactured in a range of vinyl colours, textures and thicknesses. The range of standard colours of vinyl is 35 colours, with more colours available for minimum quantities of 1000+.

Alternatively the book jackets can be clear vinyl throughout. A range of clear vinyl thicknesses are available from 100 micron, 140micron, 180 micron, 240 micron to 300 micron.

You can personalise your book jackets with one of the following print options: