Instrument Pockets

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Instrument Pockets

We can manufacture bespoke instrument pockets to suit your size and shape as required. These can be manufactured from vinyl in a wide range of coloured backings and a clear front to display your product.

If you choose to have your bespoke instrument pockets produce in clear, we have a range of clear vinyl thicknesses available from 100 micron, 140 micron, 180 micron, 240 micron to 300 micron.

Our bespoke instrument pockets can have a euroslot in the header section to enable you to hang them straight onto your display units.

The print options that we can provide to personalise your product are:

  • Foil blocking for a metallic gold or silver colour.
  • Screen print with a spot colour or colours.
  • Litho print for a full colour photographic image, suitable for large quantities.
  • Digital print for a full colour image but remaining cost effective for small quantities.