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My Name is Emma and I have worked at Celsur Plastics for the last 16 years. I joined Celsur in February 2002 as an office junior and slowly worked my way through to our Sales Department. I now manage our promotional gifts department where I find myself quoting anything from pens to ticket wallets, through to corporate clothing and everything in-between 😊 

I like to spend my spare time spending time with my family, when I can drag my husband and daughter off their Xbox’s!

I also spend a lot of time and not to mention money on concerts. I enjoy Music and for me there is nothing better than going to see a musician or band that you really like. I have seen JLS (lots of times), Pink, Bon Jovi, Adele, East 17 (going back a few years), Sam Smith, and been to lots of Summer Time Balls. The Balls Have many acts all over the course of a weekend.

I love collecting music programmes and keeping my entry ticket. Tickets make a great reminder of wonderful days and who i have seen and where. I have quite a large collection and keep the tickets in a ticket wallet so they stay in perfect condition. My husband is always on at me for the amount of memorabilia I have in the loft but I am not throwing any of it away, lol.

I would love to hear what musicians or bands you have been to see. Do you keep your tickets in ticket wallets? If not how do you store them?

Emma Morris

Promotional Products &

General Sales Enquiries

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