Developments in Office Supplies

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Developments in Office Supplies

In our industry we see constant changes and we want to keep you regularly updated on our developments. Developments that affect our office supplies and developments that we hope will be of interest to you and help you in your business.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

For some time, our suppliers have been working on improving their recycling and link that to performance of their products that produce our office supplies. One of the challenges of this development was for them to keep the product specifications of the recycled material the same as their standard and this appears to have worked out very well. We are happy to say that they are now doing production trials with 100% recycled material!! Our suppliers believe this can be a good selling tool in our discussions with our customers, in the ever increasing requirements for sustainable business.

They are now fine tuning the products to ensure that we can offer you the best quality office supplies. We expect more exciting news to follow about this in the coming months.

More Sustainability

As in every business, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor. Our suppliers feel that vinyl products in many cases have a worse reputation than is objectively deserved. As a tool for both ourselves, and hopefully also for you as a customer when talking to your customers, they have developed some fact sheets which you can download here: Recyclability Fact Sheet and Environmental Fact Sheet

Contrary to what many people believe, vinyl actually has better environmental properties than many other polymers. On top of that, vinyl can be recycled almost endlessly and have a much better durability (ie longer life time for the end application) than many of its competition. This is something we should all keep in mind and carry out more in our work, and remember the ‘old’ saying in our business: Plastic Fantastic!

A Fruit Bearing Project

Our supplier’s development team have come to the last stage of their project in creating a nice transparent clear film especially suitable for Offset printing. This material is called Clear OS Citrus. It runs through Offset machines very smoothly and is also excellently suited for digital printing.

Imagine the wonderful office supplies you can make with this material! We will inform you about the availability as soon as the last tests have been completed and we have the material on stock, however please already now let us know if you are interested in testing the product.


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