Is plastic really the enemy of the environment?

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Is plastic really the enemy of the environment?

As the UK’s leading supplier of stationery products, we manufacture products using many varied materials – paper, leather, metal, acrylic as well as the most versatile of plastics: PVC, polypropylene and polyurethane. For example, one of our big sellers are flexible PVC card holders.

With the current media attention given to plastic within the global environment, we thought it time to get a few facts together:

Plastic is a very versatile, useful, cost effective material, but…

  • Plastic does not jump into the sea by itself.
  • Plastic does not jump out of car windows by itself.
  • Plastic does not get stuck in our hedgerows by itself.

All that plastic ends up there because somebody has not disposed of it correctly. But, even at this late hour, we are still able to make changes to the global environment IF we can change our attitude towards disposal and recycling. Refusing a straw in your drink is not the solution to the proble, correctly disposing of the straw is!

Did you also know that plastic is actually one of the easiest materials to be recycled. The problem is that there are so many different types of plastic and they are not always compatible with each other. But, if each item of plastic was better coded it would be easier to recycle.

For PVC, there are recycled grades available but there is a limit to how much can be used within the compound before it starts to affect the properties of the material. And, because of the versatility of PVC, it can be recycled into another form other than that of its original purpose. For example a plastic toy can ultimately be recycled into a traffic cone which can be recycled back into a PVC card holder.

Plastic has many uses for which it is the best available material. Whether this is for packaging, toys or even stationery products like our PVC card holder. So, before we place all the blame on the material let’s think about the part mankind has in this. And remember, Together We Achieve More

All of Celsur’s PVC stationery products are 100% recyclable. Learn more about our Environmental Policy here

If you would like to talk to us regarding your requirements for PVC card holders or any other plastic stationery product, contact us now on 01784 457175 or by email.


  • Frank Allen says:

    Joe public needs to be severely reprogrammed to make them recycle plastic bottles etc instead of just a case of throw it when finished with it.What happened to Keep Britain tidy.Younger generations dont seem to give a damn

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