Product Templates

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Product Templates

Here you will find product templates for most of our stock items. These are available for you to view or download. These will help you to set your artwork or layout and show you exactly how your product will look.


Job Card Holders

  • 310041 – To hold an A4 Sheet
  • 310042 – To hold an A5 Sheet
  • 310043 – To hold an A6 Sheet
  • 310044 – To hold an A7 Sheet

CD Spiders

CD Pockets

Self Adhesive CD Pockets

A4 Polypropylene Binders

A5 Polypropylene Binders

A4 Frosted Polypropylene Binders with Pockets

A4 White Polypropylene Binders with Pockets

Presentation Products

Self Adhesive Pockets

Self Adhesive Triangle Pockets

Self Adhesive Angular Pockets

Self Adheisve Index Pockets

Soft ID Card Holders

Business Card Holder

Conference Folder

White PVC Display Books

Document Wallet

Polypropylene Report Covers

White Landscape Binders – 2D

Black Landscape Binders – 4D

A4 White Lever Arch Binders

A4 Black Lever Arch Binders

A4 White Arch Binders

Polypropylene Envelope

Polypropylene Letterfiles

A3 White PVC Presentation Binders – 4D

A4 White PVC Presentation Binders – 2D

A4 White PVC Presentation Binders – 4D

A5 White PVC Presentation Binders – 2D

A5 White PVC Presentation Binders – 4D

AQ White PVC Presentation Binders

Display Pockets

A4 Grey Dividers

A4 White Dividers

A5 Dividers

Filing Pockets

A3 Flipcharts

A4 Flipcharts

A5 Flipcharts

ID Card Holders

Expanding File

A4 Polypropylene Display Books

A4 Report Covers

Cold Seal Lamination Pouch