Black PVC Luggage Tag

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Celsur provides the full range of luggage tags for all travel requirements. Our luggage tags come in various colours and in a variety of materials. The following examples are PVC but please contact us should you wish to purchase higher quality leather luggage tags.

Please bear in mind that when you are traveling by plane, you are not required to put personal luggage tags on your bags. The airline does that for you when you check in. But often their paper loops are not enough. Moreover, they are not good looking.

Back in olden times luggage tags contained basic information – your flight number, your baggage tag number, and your destination airport code. Today, this information is supplemented by bar codes and even, in some cases, RFID technology. However, an estimated 15% of bar codes are misread or not read at all and this can lead to delays and, in worse cases, loss of your luggage.

​Don’t let that happen to you – get your luggage tags now.

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